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Log Cabin build


I, Coño
May 21, 2020
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I came across this on YT when looking to take a nap.

Very satisfying: no music, no bullshit, no talking.

His description:

Sometimes we hear a call from nature. When I was 18 years old I ventured out alone with only a backpack full of simple hand tools to actualize my dream. Build my own traditional off grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish wilderness. Just like our Forefathers did. I had no previous experience in building, gathering materials or filming. So I started studying myself the old arts and learning from my grandfather and mentor Åke Nilsson. I began to cut down trees and film with my phone, learning as I go. My project started full time once I graduated high school in summer 2019. I filmed everything myself and edited this video so you can follow my journey and hopefully learn as I do. The tractor is a Ferguson TE20 "Grålle" from 1946, they were wildly used by our ancestors to move timber. In 1950 the first chainsaws came to Sweden but they were too big and heavy to be practical. I didn't want to take down every closest tree. So by using the tractor (also as a tribute to some of my ancestors) I could haul a few trees from further away, about 150 meters. I would have loved to use a horse but don't have one. yet.

Yeah, he wasn't hunting for food to live, or anything. Damn good stuff anyway.

Post-edit: Oh fuck this, he changed it since I watched it last Thursday?
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I would hate to pay the food bill for that kid.
I have watched him from start till latest he is a worker all right.

This guy uses a combo of modern and old school tools, and he has friends that show up and a girlfriend with kids.

Everything old school including in the early vids his wife working with him on a two man saw


Modern and old school tools other projects than the cabin

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