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Load testing


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May 20, 2020
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So Im curious what process do you precision or benchrest shooters use to workup your handloads? Specifically do you work up ppowder weights to get to a specific velocity and then start working in your seating depths? Or do you find the seating depth to the lands, back off a set measurement then start your ladder test? What basis do you use for determining seating depth? I have my process but I am sure there are better ways.

Im going to the range this weekend and hope to pick some of the benchrest guys brains but I want to hear your opinions.
I usually do 50 rounds at a time. 10x5 shots with varying powder charges.

Shoot over Chrono and record sd & es.

Pick the tightest window of SD.

Load another 50 with 5x10 of seating depth changes by .005"

Shoot over Chrono and pick best group and SD.

I've either been using a Redding competition thrower with ball powder, or the fx120i balance and auto thrower for stick powders. The fx120 cut my SD in half from the Hornady auto thrower.
Using standard Hornady dies and a Hornady single stage press from forever ago. Rcbs hand primer.

Within 100 rounds I have a load for my 6.5 Creed that shoots with SD under 10 and ES under 20. Plenty good for the 1300 yards we have to work with locally. This is 147 eld-m over 42.9grn of 6.5 sta-ball with a WLR primer in Prime/Norma brass. 24" Bergara with sig srd762


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