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LLC Lawyer California


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Dec 18, 2020
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Does anyone know a good LLC lawyer in California to help me transfer my business and llc back to California from Arizona and make sure its all good and setup correctly to avoid possible lawsuits in the future.
File with secretary of state, fill out forms for franchise tax board and cut $800 check, done. I don't know why people think LLCs are some magical shield against anything that can go wrong or that lawyers and CPAs are needed. ...oh wait, lawyers and CPAs are probably why people think that.
and holy hell, why on earth would you want to leave AZ and go back to CA?!?
Left az to go back to be closer to my family and friends. Was solo out in az
I had an llc setup in Arizona for my business so I just need to transfer it to California and my Google isn't coming up with shit
Glad to see you posting again. How have things worked out after the accident?
I'm doing really good. Sold my house with shop in Phoenix and moved back home to California to be near my family and friends since I was alone out in Arizona only had a few friends. Now back in California waiting for insurance to come in and start rehabilitation to work on my difficulties to learn how to work past them and have them not affect me like they did and still do a little bit
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