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Let's talk Prime Rib


Well Done Man
May 21, 2020
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Concord, CA
So who has the good rub recipes?
I think I am going to do it in the fish tank heater this time (Sous Vide). I just love the fact I don't need to baby sit the meat and I can't screw it up.
I do mine one of three ways.

The 500 degree oven method. This works well when you want lots of dripping for jus.I imagine sous vide would be the same.

I've done a few on my rotisserie on the gas grill. Lots of babysitting on this one as my rotisserie has to work super hard for such a big piece of meat. I have to tie and truss it very well. (This is the wife's favorite).

And the smoker. Charcoal only. (This is my favorite).

In all cases I rub mine down with a little olive oil and generously rubbed with montreal steak seasoning. I leave it in the fridge, for 3 to 4 days uncovered.

Never had any complaints.
There is a really good been there a zillion years butcher shop pretty near us, we buy them from the and they are already seasoned and tied. We've done them a couple different ways, but always return to the oven. they come out perfect and totally predictable.
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