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LED Retrofit Bulbs


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May 20, 2020
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I have a recessed light in my kitchen with (5) 2 bulb 8' T8 fixtures. I am tired of changing bulbs and ballasts. I am wanting to change to LED retrofit bulbs to eliminate the ballasts.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I am kind of a name brand whore, but I am not really seeing much from the brands I'm familiar with. I am not looking for the cheapest option, but the best option without actually replacing all the fixtures.
buy direct wire bulbs from ebay.
remove ballasts
wire tombstones directly to 110.

I've done tons of them.
I used these. Got rid of everything but the hole. It's driver is the J-box . The light has spring clips that hangs on the drywall. Pick your color temp and stuff them in the hole Bright as hell. Love them and stupid easy.

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I did a similar conversion in my garage, with 8 ft lamps using these from Amazon:


Pretty easy to install. You can leave the old ballast in place once you cut the wires. Get the Frosted lamps, as they won't be as "spotty" looking as the clear ones. Keep in mind that 6500K color rendition will be on the white side of the spectrum. Go to a lower k value for a "warmer" tone of light...
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