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LED lights on a generator. Anyone have issues?


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Jul 10, 2020
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I've been working on rewiring the garage out back as of late. I've wired a circuit for lights and one for outlets, which are the 2 larger circuits. Still need to figure out where the subpanel will be, and then dig and run 130ft of wire from the house to the panel. I've had the lights and outlets hooked up via extension cord in the meantime. Lights are Amazon special 4ft LED shop lights(4pk - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B...itle_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1&tag=91812054244-20).

As part of the cleaning out of that garage, we had the (2) almost 22 year old generators out(both bought during Ice Storm '98), which only get run when we lose power for an extended time. Wanted to run them while they were out. As a test load, I plugged the garage lights/outlets extension cord into them, to make sure they were generating power. First generator started on the second pull, once oil was checked and gas supplied. Second generator not so much. Started it and is seemed to not have a functioning rev limitor(my father took a look once he got home and found the linkage was gunked up, still doesn't run smooth, so it's going to need a tuneup). I plugged the extension cord in(linkage still stuck) and first thing I noticed was the first LED shop light came on and went out about a second later, the rest stayed on. I immediately unplugged the cord. When I pulled the cover on the light I found it blew the first "voltage regulator" chip. Leads into the chip are burned up.

I've already emailed the seller, as I just received these Thursday, and they have both a 5yr warranty through the seller, as well as a 3yr warranty though Assurian(which covers any functional defects including accidents)

I didn't have a meter handy to check output voltage of the generator, but given it's maxed rev state, I suspect it was outputting being too high, or else the chip had a defect which the full 120v caused a failure. Garage extension cord is about 100ft of 16ga, plugged into a circuit shared with a fridge/lights in another garage attached to the house.

I'm more than willing to eat the cost of replacement. What I'm most interested in is if it's a generator issue, my stupid mistake, or a defective light; to prevent a future recurrence.
So lights worked fine on the first properly running generator and fried while running on the second?
You over volted the driver in the LED, the chip did what anyone would expect it to and let the smoke out. They aren't as tolerant to overvoltage as incandescent lights
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