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Lace Up Western and/or Dress Boots?


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May 21, 2020
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I'm in a wedding in a couple months, it's kind of western themed, all the groomsmen are wearing the same shirt and jeans, bride & groom want us in boots. I could use some new dress shoes anyway.

I can't do slip on boots, I've got crazy high arches, and custom orthotics, slip on boots and my feet don't play nice. I've got some nice, comfortable, Asolo hiking boots, but the bride isn't so keen on me wearing them for some reason.

I need something available in wide widths, I'm usually a 4E width. Most of what I've found are more work boot than dress boot. I don't really want Interco TSL tread on the boots.

I don't want the fringe thing on the toe, apparently that's called a kiltie, so the kiltie needs to be removable.

Looks like my options are either Justin or Ariat, Wolverine has some stuff I like but they don't make them for men sized widths.

Anyone have experience with Thursday Boot Company, I like the look of their President boot, but just found them with a Google search, never heard of them?

Any other recommendations, <$200 preferably? Just go buy the Ariats I can buy local?
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Ariats are comfortable. Justins too, but it irritates me that I cannot get either made in the USA for a decent price. All made in China unless you pay more $. Justin owns Tony Lama as well now. All are good. I tell you if you aren't going to wear them much why not buy second hand? I have done this for more expensive boots on ebay ($400+) just to get made in USA ones. I don't buy anything with any wear on them though, only if they look new. Sizing is important and not all brands are sized the same. I wear two different sizes in Ariat and Justin so its best to try on locally if you are pressed for time for the wedding.
You could get some Whites, Nick's, Drew's, or other custom made dress boots:flipoff2:
I have a Pair of Carhartt Slip ons. They are waterproof,have a Vibram sole (the best) and have found you need a thicker than normal sock to make them fit snug and comfortable.

Got them from Tractor supply for around $200 or so. Maybe look there and see what they have that fits you and your needs.
It's a blue jean wedding, just make sure they're clean and it doesnt matter.
Do you have a boot barn near by?

I had to google it, never heard of them, there's one about an hour away. We've got a Cavendar's and a few local western and/or shoe/boot stores that have decent selections.

I'm not a slip on boot guy either, but it's only 1 day, suck it up :flipoff2:

Ideally they'll become my funeral, wedding, other fancy occasion shoes, so I'd like something comfortable enough to not have to "suck it up."

Never heard of Nicks, Drews, or Whites. I assume they're something like the $$$ Lucchese my uncle and some other folks I know wear, not something I'm interested in.

I've got a pair of Ariat slip on Workhogs, that even before I got my orthotics, took 2 trips to the cobbler to get reshaped so I could make it through the day without loosing circulation to my toes. They were comfortable after being reshaped though, I just can't get my foot and the orthotic in them at the same time, hence the need for lace ups.
I roll in ariat waterproof work boots, comfy and wear well. Slick soles suck, and I can’t do pointy toes.
I wore Ariat boots for years, but I swear they changed how they’re made in the past few years. Now, I’m wearing Tony Llama work boots. They are far more comfortable compared to new Ariats.
You said there is a Cavender near by? Go there, called Cavendars Boot City for a reason, will have a generous selection.
I don't want the fringe thing on the toe, apparently that's called a kiltie, so the kiltie needs to be removable.

Careful application of a razor blade takes care of that frilly stuff. Dress the exposed end with whatever you rub your boots in with.

All the Justin laceups I have owned the (Kittie) ? could be remov4ed by unlaceing them. Last time I went to Boot Barn locally they had no boots in bigger than thirteen and it would be weeks before they might get some in. Bought a pair of Dingo harness half boots with side zippers online and found out I have been wearing shoes without a heel for so long that after and couple of hours I was darn near crilled
I wouldn’t cross the street to go to a Boot Barn. Find something cheap you can stuff your feet into that the bride and groom approve of and tough it out. You have to wear them for what, 2 hours?
Well, I ordered Thursday Boots' President in "wide," they ain't wide enough. Nice looking boot though.

I went to "Arkansas' Largest Shoe, Boot, Apparel & Sock Store" and they didn't have any lace ups that weren't work or hunting boots.

I really don't want to make the trip to either Cavender's or Boot Barn but it's looking like I may to have to. There's a local large-ish western store I may give a shot, I don't expect much.

Wolverine offers their 1000 Mile Boot in 3E, I've never worn Wolverines, but it's a $400 pair of boots... :eek:

I've threatened to show up in Crocs. :grinpimp:
I used to work with a guy that wore packer lace up boots everyday as work boots. It was kinda odd around the boat shop, but then again, he would comment on how many horses he could board at the shop if we got rid of all those boats.
I'd just hit an Army surplus store, grab a pair of jungle boots, and polish them up.
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