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NC Jeep/Buggy/Race Rig Build Parts

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May 19, 2020
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raleigh nc
Plans have changed so selling off parts I can't see myself using in the near future, list will probably grow as I find more stuff. I can get pics as desired, any item is obo

Brand new Fox 14" 2.0 4 tube factory race bypasses with over-sized 2.5" remote mount reservoirs. Custom made, they don't normally offer the 2.0 in 4 tube flavor. Off the shelf valving for an axle mounted jeep front end. $1400

Brand new Fox 2.0 2" bump stops with cans. $400

Almost everything necessary to convert a ford front dana 60 to GM brakes. All parts brand new. Lugnut 4x4 brackets, Wilwood aluminum calipers, Brake rotors, Caliper pins. $400

Wilwood 7:1 Manual Pedal and Brake Master Cylinder assembly with dual 7/8 pistons. One works great, other has a rebuild kit with it. I may also have new adapters and residual valves that could be added for a bit extra if I can find them. $160

New Derale 13750 Atomic Cool Remote Cooler $120

Tons of LS and TH400 parts - easier to just ask

Custom brand new 2500-2800 GM 10" (245mm) Billet Cover Off-Road Race Performance Torque Converter, Billet Front Cover, Turbo Spline, TH400, TH350, P/G (W/ Turbo Input) (Build Specs:Ultra 4 - 4800 car, 6.0L, TSP 224 cam, higher flow heads, Current FTI 2600-2800 no mid plate) $700

Also have a new sfi flexplate, ARP hardware and adapter for said torque converter $200 or $800 for the whole setup

2 Volvo/Taurus fans with relays $80 each

Barely used 16” Flex-a-lite 398 Syclone $80

8x6.5 1.5” wheel spacers $100

4 Used but still good Longfield Superjoints 1480 $100/each or $300 for all

West Texas Plasma Yj Backhalf kit (similar to Artec) $100

Cj/Yj soft half doors skinned with 1/8” steel, have both the earlier Cj and the Yj style latches $250

New Spicer flange yoke C3-2-691 $40

New Spicer 1410 Slip end C3-3-789 $80

New Dorman 9/16 Wheel Studs PN 610-278 $25/10 have 20 of them


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May 21, 2020
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I’ll take the bumps and cans if the guy above me didn’t get them. Would need shipping.

Shoot me a pm.
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