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Jawbone Canyon camping


Yellow Skull
May 20, 2020
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The Real Valley
Anyone ever go? Need some hardpack to drive my bus on. At 34k lbs I really don't want to get it stuck in the sand. :laughing:
I’ve been a couple times. We’ll probably be out there Wed-Fri this coming week. It can get busy during a normal season, Thanks to COVID I’m expecting it to be a zoo for turkey day.
The road in is fine, but the area(s) off either side change all the time. You can find a solid place and the next year you'd need a 4X4 in the same spot.
They road headed out is usually fine... and makes it easy to find a spot wherever you want.

I wouldnt try to "plan" a spot or you will probably be disapointed
Where do you park?

As was said, wherever you find a spot. Rain does crazy things in this area, not to mention someone else will like your favorite spot and beat you to it as well. I will probably only be taking the ca over so we will likely wind up off the main road quite a bit.
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