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It sucks to be retired!


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May 21, 2020
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Lindon, Utah
You have to get up before it’s light and do shit like this.
you even have the typical retired "claw hand" :laughing:

if youre out fishing, doesnt that mean you missed the early bird special down at the diner?:homer:
Perhaps I'm out of the loop, but what's the deal on that downrigger? Looks...weird.
Nice! congrats, I miss those early morning catches. Are the Cohoe or KIngs?
I never really cared for the Sotty's but if they work for you cool.
I am fucking drooling... Did a rack of ribs yesterday on the smoker. Going to toss on a few hamburgers on the grill tonight. Tomorrow it will be a chicken Puttanesca.. Parents have a really narrow view of fish/seafood. MOTHER hates salmon and trout, dad doesn't like scallops, squid or octopus. They are into that processed frozen Costco seafood crap!:smokin:
There's salmon in Utah? huh.

They've planted a few here but I've never seen one. They are weird looking.
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