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Is a lift gate on a pickup worth it?


Jun 9, 2020
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I may have a line on a hydraulic Tommy Gate lift gate for cheap to mount on my 3/4 ton single cab pickup. It seems like a good idea but I’m curious if anyone has had one and what did you think of it? I’m suspicious that it may be more of a pain than it’s worth having to deal with all the time. What does Irate think? Yea or nay?
Having used them at a couple of previous employers, I might buy a truck that already had one installed, but I wouldn’t buy one to put on a personal truck.
What are you going to use it for? Unless you're wheeling heavy shit into the bed all the time, it's kinda pointless.
Depending on capacity hell yeah.

Have a 650-700 lb engine I needs to get onto the bed of my truck if this would do it I could have used such a lift gate on the truck but would prefer it be removable when not needed.
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even your even thinking about it, its on your radar... you absolutely need one. i used to pull the wifes car up on mine to do oil changes. then i got a forklift, even better. then crane truck and another forklift.......

you get idea. you need a lift gate.
Want a 12 ft bed 3500 with a knuckleboom crane.

That would be a hoot.
Have an Eagle Lift in the 38" version on a 3500 Sierra, love the living shit out of it.

It's like having a worker/helper with you at all times, minus tacos and paycheck of course.

1,000lb capacity, yessir. :smokin:
Their pretty handy, I got a 4 foot wide one that fits my utility bed pretty well. I put it on a receiver so with a hoist it comes off in 5 minutes.
I had one on my f250 for about 6 years before I sold the truck. It was great. Picked up way more things solo than you'd think possible. Gave me an extra 6ish inches in the bed, which means you can fit 10ft sticks at an angle fully in the bed. I traded a 350 crankshaft for it, gate was too wide so I cut the whole thing in half and welded it back together after taking about 5 inches out. Also since I was running 2 awg cables to the back for the gate I added a jumper quick connect at the tailgate which was very useful at times.

Downsides - brought home too much "if you can get it out of here its yours" junk, even more people ask for help moving. Finally it's really hard to find a bed cover solution that works with a lift gate. I found a bed cap and was going to bend a piece of sheet to cover the gate, but the truck developed some major compression issues so I dumped it when the repair bills started really rolling in
Super handy. We have a mid 70s 2wd chevy 1 ton with a liff gate, we will use it maybe 5 times a year but totally worth it. Enough that our office justifies DEQ and reg. it.

I wouldnt put one on my daily though. Id find a beater 2500 and put it on there. Like everyone said many uses can come from a lift and your back saver.
There are handy we use the one at work all week long it’s getting kinda rusty a few holes here and there but still repairable. I wouldn’t put one on my personal truck I use my trailer for heavy stuff.
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