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Irate indeed, Chrysler IPM BS


High Hopes, Low Standards
Aug 6, 2020
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If anyone has ever worked with chryslers IPM bovine scatology they will certainly become IRATE.
Anybody have any good links on tail light info for a 3rd gen Ram. I know they have a convoluted monitoring system to let the driver know of bulb outages.
Im wiring up tailights on a flat bed and it seems chrysler traded logic for random 9v signals....
Im about to skip it all and tap off the trailer wiring but I thought maybe someone knew of some good info they could point me to.
Strangely the blinkers work fine. I have 9.5ish volts at the park and brake at all times.
for the record, all the lights work with the stock housing, so no bad grounds or anything silly. Im going to try some resistors in the park and brake to see what happens in the morning.
04 Ram 2500 diesel. Thank you but I got it this morning. I hate admitting it but, resistors worked. When I started, I refused to believe it was that simple, it never is it seems. Should have tried it before i started complaining.
I still hate the IPM
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