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Irate, how do I feel about Matt Gaetz?


May 21, 2020
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Gaetz is the US Rep from Florida's 1st district, which includes Eglin AFB and Pensacola (military heavy).


He seems to be unbelievably based, and he's at a Trump rally right now getting talked up by The Donald.

He took a bunch of Lefty Law Profs to task at some hearings, which is where I heard of him first.

So he's this smart, conservative, young, Rep who looks to have a huge future in politics. If he keeps going like this, maybe a Prez run.


He lives with a Cuban immigrant, Nestor Galban, 19. Apparently Nestor is the younger brother of Gaetz's ex-girlfriend. :confused: He adopted Nestor when he was 12, and he's lived with Matt since that time.

So, what else do I look at to decide to like or dislike Matt Gaetz? Wat do IBB?
Not a fan personally. I have only seen him on a few news shows and a little from some various hearings.

Seems like a blowhard that likes to hear himself talk. meh
I've liked what I heard from him in a few videos. Don't really remember specifics. Youtube has plenty. Look him up during the "impeachment" farce.
He wanted to repeal the Florida law on teh gheys adopting.

He wants to legalize the devils lettuce.

But the real winner is how he and a bunch of other yahoos trying to get likes on social media stormed a secure facility at the white house to make a scene about not being invited to an impeachment hearing. An impeachment hearing he was invited to. Sounds like the GOP version of the AOC "squad" attention whores.
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