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Irate giveaway much mo' better than PBB giveaway

Scott Cee aka 2drx4

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Jun 13, 2020
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The middle of BC, Canada
PBB hasn't given shit away since well before VS took over and Lance got rich on the backs of the actual contributors. :lmao:

Irate on the other hand has delivered. :smokin:


I got this bitchin' little set of M12 stuff along with two pairs of locking adjustable pliers.


These are both the brushless "Fuel" versions of the impact and drill, which are much better than the normal ones. That little drill has no issue making some serious torque, plus it has a proper metal chuck on it that will hold anything you put in it.


A 4 amp hour battery is a good upgrade for these little tools too. I have a bunch of the M12 stuff, and most of my batteries are just the basic 1.5s, so this will be super handy for the higher draw tools such as the die grinder. :smokin:


Their locking adjustable pliers seem pretty sweet too. I used them to squish some random shit while playing around, and they lock up nice and tight and the adjuster turns easily.


Since I know a bunch of ya'll are sizequeens, here's a 3/4 silver and demming bit in the drill. No problems, it has a real 1/2" chuck so you can do this.


Can't wait to drill some big ol' holes :smokin:


Anyway, super cool to win this shit. Irate is the place to be. Thanks Austin for starting the place up, and thanks to whoever was the unnamed donor who offered up this super sweet kit for a prize. :smokin: I'll make sure it gets used.

Cool slide hammer pliers. You can just attach a heavy chain and give it a whip/pull if you don't have an acktual slidey hammer.
Glad you got it, I was starting to wonder if it got intercepted at the border lol

You know what makes this giveaway so much better than anything on PBB?!? This was donated by a Member here, not a vendor or IBB itself. He just wanted to help promote the site, very cool. Thank you and many cheers to you :beer::beer::beer:
I will be donating the keyboards of EverDouche and FlyingDildoDouche for a drawing.

Winner must burn them, stomp the ashes in the dirt and then reburn that dirt.
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