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May 19, 2020
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I can't finger out how to search for threads I started on the old site. Anyone wanna help 'tard?
I'd ask over there, but, well, you know....

Incredible how much things are dead over there.
I can't log in no mo, so I can't check. But there used to be search username and threads started by in advanced. I think that shit is gone. You can just go to your profile and see conversations or some shit but that is all of your posts. same as just searching your username.

I went to your user profile and there is a number under 'discussions created' 142 . I clicked that number and got


I assumed >Discussions created would be created by you. :lmao: apparently not.

The search must be busted. :stirthepot:

Who cares? This is a new site, and imho, the old site is dead to me. :lmao::lmao::lmao:

Right, but if I want to reply to or continue an old thread I started, I'd like it to be here. I don't remember every willy-nilly thread I started.

Austin said he had all our stuff. Maybe he can make it available to us somehow? I'd imagine that would entail a shitload of computer stuff though.
Hit yer sigin handle and go to statts
hit search threads started
On phawk
the trainwreck continues to snowball!
No member search no mo!
Fook snowbacks!
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