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In the name of Equity and diversity

May 21, 2020
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Roy WA
Bump this thread anytime you have info on the new government’s agenda.....
We all know this is the socialist attempt at taking over (and so far it’s working great for them). It seems like everyday I hear another local government official or big corporation making an announcement how, they are making way for this stuff.
We all here about the national stuff but we all might not get the local stuff, so bump this if you find something interesting in you area that you think would give us some insight!!!!!
I will start... this happened in Eastern WA last Friday... and Eastern WA is more of a conservative area!!!

Dozens, if not hundreds, of Pasco school district parents and even a few students were left bewildered, dismayed and even furious over comments made by Pasco teachers union President Scott Wilson during the Tuesday night board meeting. He is the president of the Pasco Association of Educators.

The Zoom meeting (also carried on YouTube Live) featured at least 30-35 minutes of public comments from a variety of parents, teachers, and Wilson.

At the 18:49 mark of the video (we have it shared starting at that point) Wilson tried to tie in the Washington D.C. and Olympia protests-marches as well as old 1960's Kennewick 'sundown' discrimination laws, to parents desire for implementing hybrid in person education. His comments included this:

"We must not ignore the culture of white supremacy and white privelege."

He claimed that phenomenon is behind "rodeos" and the "reopen everything" mentality supported by "our county commissioners" who also serve on the health board.

Wilson DID say "nobody wants remote learning", emphasizing it twice, but said given the rising number of cases and the 'new' strain of COVID, it's the best way.

He claimed everyone is only listening to the re-open people and that effort is fueled by the white privelege.

He also lashed out at the emails received by the District critical of teachers and alleged reluctance to return to class. Regarding concerns from parents about the mental health and state of their children, he said this:

"They (parents) complain their children are suicidal without their school and sports... as a father daily surviving the suicide of my son, I find these statements IGNORANT and another expresson of white privelege."

He did not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding that personal tragedy.

We were watching the event in real time, and the stunned silence from the school board was clearly noticeable. The board proceeded to hear a number of other comments, and devoted a large amount of time to them before moving to their regular business.

Several local Facebook-social media education pages exploded with hundreds comments. Some of them included: (names withheld for privacy and security)

Read More: PAE President: "White Privelege" Behind Parents Demand for Hybrid | https://newstalk870.am/pae-presiden...ybrid/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Read More: PAE President: "White Privelege" Behind Parents Demand for Hybrid | https://newstalk870.am/pae-president...edium=referral
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