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HI IN AUSTRALIA. NOT HAWAII 4L60e 23 spline output shaft for me in Australia?

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May 30, 2020
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There's no Aussie prefix for wanted ads :bawling: And it wouldn't let me post without pickin' a USA one.

WANTED - 4L60e 23 spline output shaft.

With or without VSS tone ring (pref with).

Just weighing up my options, becaue there's not much over here in AUSTRALIA

If anyone has one laying around chilling...

I might have to hook up a NV247 to this GM tranny. Custom housing and all.

There are 4L60/23 spline kits, offered by two well known US companies, but it's $$$ to buy and get here. And they won't just sell me the shaft, at this point.

Originally, I actually emailed back and forth to one company about theirs, and they just were not interested in selling me the whole kit because I need it for something else than a NV242 or 231. I was willing to void warranty and all. Cos' modding their gear.

I seriously asked for an order invoice twice in separate emails for the whole kit, and the guy kept glossing over that part of the email. Got to the point I gave up. I understand their concerns, they must get some real problem customers, it's just that I fully know the risks and 100% willing to accept full responsibillity.

Take my money-Send me the damn kit FFS LOL

Sooo...anyone want to deal on just the 4L60e 23 spline output shaft? Send it to AUSTRALIA for an Irate???
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