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I'm helping out with a house build. Make me look good by doing my homework for me!

May 19, 2020
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Friend's daughter just put a prefab house on a lake (yes the house is floating you fucking comedians):rolleyes:

So far I've built indoor stairs and outdoor stairs and tied in the electrical and added a subpanel. Future will be a garage and service rated automagic generac transfer switch.

Right now I'm planning out the "alarm" system. I'm thinking a self-monitored system that can send a text/e-mail when there's a problem. I'm not concerned with actual security, just concerned with house stuff. I'm thinking this should be my list of "alarms":

*basement shitpit high level
*basement sump high level
*septic field tank chamber high level
*house temperature
*smoke detectors
*generator fail to start (maybe)
*basement floor water detector(s)
*whatever else you guys suggest

I'm thinking there should be a horn to indicate trouble, as well as indicator lights, text/e-mail through wifi as well. The system should be able to run a pump when triggered by the main float, or by the "high alarm" float. Should also be able to press a button and run a pump manually if needed. Should also kill power to the well pump if any of the sumps go into alarm or if a floor water detector detects water. Might also want to shut down furnace if smoke/co alarm goes off.

I can build a system using relays, a miniPLC (smartRELAY) or I can just buy something already setup for this.

Any recommendations?
Pixs of friend's daughter posted here is homework rule #1 :rolleyes:

:laughing: Took almost a full day for someone to ask!

She's on the right.

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