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I'm computer dumb but I want to buy some SD cards

May 19, 2020
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Amazon has sandisk and samsung cards 32, 64, 128 whatever for cheap. They've all got a million stars, but lately everyone (reviewers) is (are) complaining that they're "fake cards" and if you put more than 16 gigawhozzits on them it will be corrupted. Also they're not living up to their stated speed, which I don't think would be a problem for a dumb old camera.

I want momma to be able to take a gazillion pictures on her camera (olympus waterproof something camera).

What do I do?

Order the card and fill it up with pics and then check if all the pics are there?
Stick the card in my confuser and check properties to see how many gigs it has?

Suck start a blender?
Don’t buy it from amazon. Buy it local, better chance Walmart is getting legit cards that Sam the sdcard man on amazon. I got a fake 128gb card. Only held 32 I think.

There are programs that will verify the space but they aren’t fast.
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