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May 19, 2020
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This will be a work in progress.

Feel free to start build threads in the Forum.

** ***Searching*** ***
This is by no means the end all/be all and you should stop searching! There is ALOT of information on the board, and I have been 'picking' and choosing important threads out of IH talk that I feel were very informative and helpful. No, NOT all questions will be answered with this FAQ, but it is a good start and you might even find further links within these threads for help.

1. Remember that you have to have 4 characters! D44 won't work, but D44* will!
2. Try to pinpoint what you are looking for.
3. You have to be somewhat intelligent to use the search. Think hard about what you are looking for, you'll find it.
4. Wade through it all. This board has been up for quite a while. It is very easy to get 500 threads in a search.
5. 500 threads is the MAXIMUM it will return. Use the date range functionality of the search to narrow things down!

As always if you have a link to a good thread (on Irate4x4.com or elsewhere) pm it to me so I can add it.

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