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Identify this mower part


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Jun 8, 2020
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Mower was taking a beating today when suddenly I hear clank bang bang clunk BANG! I look back and saw this piece laying in the yard.

Mower deck no longer engages and it dies when I try to.

It got dark shortly after so I wasn't able to investigate but I couldn't see any possible locations when I did peek. There is a loop on the left end.

It's a newish cheap bolens mower.

Coat hanger.

Look investigate.

There must be somewhere the thing came from if its a part of the chink pos you pictured.
What the guy above just posted. The next guess is the hanger that holds the front of the mower deck in place. Like the one on JD L110 and L111's.
That sounds like the right piece. Belt was loose enough to pop off.

I wasn't gonna be able to check it out till Wednesday so this saves me time.

Check all the spindles under the machine. Its possible one seized up causing your belt and spare parts problem. Would also explain why it wants to stall when engaging the deck, unless the belt is all tangled up under there.
It should still cut grass without that piece. You have other problems.
Like a few others suggested, spindle seized, or belt is wadded up, ran over some wire and wrapped up around blades.
I was finally off today and had the part and bolt on hand so out came the tools. What happened from what I could see is that I hit a hill or bump with deck at it's highest setting and this caused the deck to slam into the belt keeper and bend it upwards and it eventually broke off.

Once the keeper was on the mower ran and cut great.

Did an upgrade to help with the hills I can't make:

They also come in handy for arbortions:flipoff2:
Started cutting last week and smelled something burning. Went to investigate and appears the belt is rubbing on one side of the new belt keeper and/or spindle brake (?) Is seated gooberishly against the pulley. Nothing appears bent but the pad seems to be crooked somehow. Right pulley brake releases off a good inch and half before left brake releases.

Deck engages when lifted to two highest settings even with pto lever fully off. Deck disengages when lowered to lowest three levels.

Spindles spin like new.

I am obviously not too familiar with the workings of mower deck but I get the idea. Just need to figure out what is tweaked or needs adjusted. I have nothing to compare it to so I am gonna get online and see what I can see.





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Looked at the parts manual and seems like I got the wrong belt keeper. I need a 747-04332A. The one I have is for the 42" deck.

Gonna get that and a new belt on the way.
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