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I witnessed a shoplifter steal ammo


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May 20, 2020
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I stopped by Cabalas the other day with a co worker to take a short browse around the store. He wanted a sweat shirt and I wanted to just check what ammo they had on their shelves.

When we walked into the store, a tall skinny black guy came in right behind us. After we looked at sweat shirts we went over to the ammo area and looked around at what they had. I saw they had probably 50 boxes of 5.56 in 150 count boxes for $80. I turned around and checked out some heavy grain 30-06 and then we both decided to leave. My coworker was watching this black guy that was in the ammo area at the same time all nervous and finger fucking the 5.56 ammo boxes. As we walked out he says he’ll bet me $10 that the black guy is going to steal a box of that ammo

we get out to our truck which was parked 180 from what you’d normally park in back to back spaces. There was a white car that was backed up to our truck with someone in it and it was running. Sure as shit, soon as we got into our truck, he comes the black guy running to the parked car with a box of 5.56 ammo and they sped off. I looked at my coworker and told him that was one dumbass black guy, if he was going to make the effort to steal one box he should’ve stole three or four boxes and make it worth while :lmao:
You should have thrown your peg leg at him and tripped him up.


white racist trips innocent Black jogger from his portable porch 20 feet away!!
With current prices, I'd have probably stole some too :laughing:

But I haven't seen 5.56 in months, so I've got nothing to steal.
probably 50 boxes of 5.56 in 150 count boxes for $80.

Damn, I would have bought all 50 boxes at that price (0.53/rd). Almost no local stores have any 5.56 and if they do it's $1/rd. I bought some on line the other day and thought I did ok (given the current prices and scarcity) at 0.65-74/rd. I know it's crazy to pay that, but I needed more ammo...
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