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I will take 2007 Tacoma parasite for $100


No road...no problem.
May 20, 2020
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Utah or bust!
GF has a fucking cherry 2007 4wd Tacoma with 28K miles (yeah a little rock rash on the underside, but fucking sweet). We are headed out tomorrow morning on a cross country trip in this truck. Fucking eight month old INterstate battery decided to shit the bed yesterday; not enough juice to turn it over. Big-O tossed in a new battery; they say battery and alternator tested good; but I don't have a warm feeling on the remedy.
Questions: What are the usual suspects or low hanging fruit with a high parasitic load of >100ma???
Checking electrical draws is quite simple. All you need is a test light and start pulling fuses.
i yanked the scangauge out of all of my vehicles... took two batteries to realize what was killing them.

Not that it helps, but... look at aftermarket crap.
My 70k '13 Tacoma will randomly be dead in the morning, happens every couple months. Not completely dead, but low enough that it barely cranks and the dash flickers. I'll jump it and after the 20 minute drive to work it's good. No lights left on or anything, nothing aftermarket.

I haven't actually done any troubleshooting though, I just tossed a little jump pack in the back seat :grinpimp:
After market stereo? Any other after market equipment of any kind? 100ma is a pretty good drain, shouldnt be too hard to find...
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