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I’m going to need to speak to a manager!


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May 21, 2020
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Lower sitting in Shreveport, probably being murdered by hoodlums! I sure hope it wasn’t in one of those giant interstate pileups!

Shreveport was completely closed down last week due to the storms. I was trying to travel through there to Texas and they shut the interstates down no in or out and not much for water or power. Glad to hear you got your stuff in the long run though.
I have a part that I ordered 2/12/21 from FL (to CO) that was supposed to arrive 4 days ago (USPS). Maybe it was travelling through Shreveport, too... (I ain't seen it and history hasn't been updated in three or four days). Your post gives me hope... :)
LOL When I read the title I thought about the day manger at The Family Dollar getting a call from someone who was upset that their bag split going from the car to the house and they now wanted a refund on their purchases :lmao:
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