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HVLP guns


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Jun 3, 2020
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What is the tricks on getting these things to spray well? It loves to throw lumps.

Are you using a filter? What kind of paint are you using? It may need to be thinned.
Tractor supply primer 1.8 tip, Two filters and then a desiccant dryer with a regular/filter on the outlet.

You might try thinning it or getting a bigger tip and running some tests.
The Majik stuff from TSC? Thin it out. I sprayed some of their enamel pretty well with a cup gun a few weeks ago.

Try adding some reducer, make sure it's mixed up longer than you think it needs to be, and fill your gun using a cone filter to make sure the chunks are out.
The majic sandable primer is anything bu sandable. It is clogging up the paper. Not fun.
Dry, I have more work to do so I don’t want a mess
I haven't used Majik's primer, but i had issues sanding eastwood epoxy primer dry with too high a grit. I sanded up to I think 100 grit dry before top-coating, anything more than that would clog quick
I ended up buying a harbor freight 6 DA with some 120 grit paper and powered thru. I am not sure this tractor supply paint is worth it. Next time I will try Benjamin Moore or something along those lines. But the bandsaw is done.

I've had great luck with the two cans of TSC paint I've sprayed.

I'm using a pressure gun though.

reducer + hardener in accordance with the instructions, and it lays down nicely. :smokin:
I used TSC paints and primers to redo my grandfathers 9n. I used a cheap harbor freight hvlp gun and a 1.4 tip. I had no issues with clumps.
I’m no expert, but I’d suggest thinning, smaller tip, and filtering a couple of times before loading the gun
Paint seems OK, sprayed well with a 1.3 tip. Primer was a 1.8. Primer just clod the paper and hard to get smooth. Looks OK for a bandsaw.

Make sure your air pressure is correct for the model gun you have, they don't have much of a range.
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