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HVAC Q Bad Fan Cap on Trane XE80?


El Stupido
May 19, 2020
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17 miles West of Murdock KS
(TLDR). Main Fan wont run on auto the heater goes into thermal protection after the gas burner runs a few minutes it just runs the exhaust fan. I can get the main fan to run with the burner off in manual fan mode but it really struggles to get started. It spins smooth and after I do run it the motor is kind of hot but not so hot you cant leave your hand on it. Right now I am running the heat on with the main fan on manual to leave it run. The heat is cycling fine that way except for the fan running nonstop.

I came home last night smelling a slight burnt wire smell. Which worried me a lot since I have a pacific box and no house insurance, (State farm said I need a new roof before they will give me any). I went all around the house trying to find it and noticed the heater exhaust fan was running but the heater wasnt heating.

I pulled the cover off and read the flashy light. It showed thermal protection code. I noticed it was hot up above so I figured the heat was kicking on. I changed the filter and let it cool down and if fired up normal.

I stayed awake for an hour listening that it would cycle ok and it did so I went to sleep.

I woke up around 1:30am and laid there for a while and never heard it cycle so I got up and checked it. Same thermal protection code.

I let it cool down again and the main fan would never come on. It would kick the flame off and go into thermal protection again just running the exhaust fan.

I let it cool down again and just kicked the fan on manual with no heat and it just struggled to get going. But ran fine once it got going.

Now I am just running the heat on with the fan on all the time so the main fan does not cycle. The heat is cycling just fine.
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