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How'bout paid streaming services?


I probably did it wrong.
May 22, 2020
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Wife finally dropped Disney+ after a few weeks of me getting on her about their donations and content. I guess they've been pandering really hard to the :mr-t: lately.

I don't watch any of that crap. Now and then I find a free site and watch a 90's movie or something. She doesn't mind streaming something now and then. Maybe a quick 30m show for kiddo once a week.

Trying to avoid anything that really donates fund for any of the bullshit going around. Netflix clean? I know YouTube has a service, but I'm constantly getting bombarded with :mr-t: videos and suggestions. Perhaps Amazon Prime? We do shop Amazon now and then for things. What's their service like?

Any others I'm missing?
I pay for everything I have except YouTube. Prime, Netflix and hulu all have good stuff on them. It's surprising how many full length movies are on YouTube too.
I like amazon streaming, they have the $$$ to put out some cool stuff like the grand tour (top gear).
Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Motortrend On Demand and Disney+ here. I use Prime the most for both TV and music. I don't really give a shit where they spend their money though, if it's anything hollywood related there are bleeding heart liberals involved. The only way to avoid that is not watch at all.
I have Netflix and YouTube TV.
between the wife/kids/grandkids
I have
dc universe
amazon prime
hbo max
Disney +

And figgin cable!
I just started a 14 day free trial of youtube tv, my directv box died, att went be out til Saturday between 8 and noon. My only internet is a phone tethered to a router and a cell booster, seem to be doing ok, can count on my internet for long term use.
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