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How to outsource?


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May 22, 2020
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Crestwood, KY
I'm DIY to a fault. I don't care if it takes twice as long and costs three times as much, I'll still do it myself. I was working on insulation and drywall in my new shop when I busted up my foot. I've been in an air cast for a few weeks now with no real end in sight. I'm getting frustrated with the stalled project, all of my tools and shit being scattered, my scout on the driveway and so on.

What should it cost to have a 25'-0"x25'-0" shop with 8'-0" walls drywalled? It has a 36" man door and the typical 2 car roll up. I want the walls and ceiling done. I have no idea what to expect or how to find someone that does work I won't regret paying for.
Word of mouth is usually the best referral. A friend who has had recent work done, ideally. But I called a local roofing supply co and got a great recommendation for a roofer.

Try to find someone who stocks and sells a bunch of drywall to builders. Not HD or Lowes. Give them a call. When someone knows their stuff with drywall it goes fast.
Agree with the above, and his methods, talk to the supply house, get 3 names and 3 cash quotes, on something like that if expect to pay for the materials up front, but in your possession, ie, you go to supply house and buy the sheetrock, probably under his account at his price, and either you take home, or its delivered to your address
That size garage can be knocked out in a day with 2 guys. Probably take somewhere around 35 sheets, call it $20/sheet with hardware = $700 in materials. Labor cost really depends on your area but will likely put you around $1,500 on the low end. You want it taped an mudded all nice add another day of work
Depends, are we talking $10/hr Bubba Truck & Ladder Contracting or are we talking $80/hr for a skilled drywall contractor? I'd expect this to run $2500-3500 depending on labor rates.
I haven't had to deal with subs since the bubble burst in 07. Drywall was always $50 a sheet to hang and finish 4x8, 4x12 or 54x12. Slight upcharge for gluing the ceiling or 5/8. Their scam was to over order sheets to cut up and toss in the dumpster when you're not looking. Always mark any electrical boxes on the floor so you can find them when they forget to cut around them.
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