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How much is it worth?


May 19, 2020
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Austin... TX? Nope. Minnesota!
Just an old Ford 9N with a huge bucket loader assembly of some sort. I bought it last year, non-running, and got it going for the winter, but found that it really sucks at moving snow due to the nature of the bucket weight over the front axle and no weight over the rears. The rear tires were already filled with fluid, and it still wasn't nearly enough to maintain traction in reverse (I would have to dump the snow, hop off, then pull if back up a small incline with my truck before I could make another pass).

Anyway, I did a 12 volt conversion, rebuilt the starter, rewired the entire tractor, added 4 LED worklamps (2 front 2 rear), and can include all the original 6V parts with it. It could use tires in the next couple years (cracking), and the sediment bowl likes to drip fuel if not shut off overnight (I'll probably fix that before selling). The body isn't perfect, but its a running, working 9N with a loader.

Any Ideas? I am totally out of my element on pricing this thing.

I intend on replacing it with a skid loader of some sort before winter.

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May get as high as $3500 around here, but that’s because people are always looking for tractors to maintain their ranchettes a day deer leases. Realistically, probably $2500-3000.
I see them go from $1,500 for one that bare and up with a front loader you could probably $3,000 up
I got $3800 for mine after having it out there for $4k for 2 years.

Rebuilt motor, 12v, new tires, overrunning clutch, rebuilt steering, new brakes. no loader, no attachments.
Around here, somewhere between $1200 and $2500. There does seem to be a good following in the redbelly community for the buckets. What brand is it? I rebuilt my grandfathers 9/8n hybrid last year and gave it to my god daughter's 2-year old son. I can't remember the brand of bucket it had.

I bought my 8n post 12volt conversion, with a 6' bush hog and disk for <$1700. Might be able to get $2k for it now.
I'd think it was worth a couple thousand.
Tractors suck for plowing snow anyway, AG tires don't get a grip on paved/hard surfaces. They would work well if you wanted to plow a field!
We use a 4wd tractor with a plow and have to plow down hill and drive back up through the grass if it's icy.

Shoot, I wish you were closer to WY as I'm looking for one for mowing duty and moving small loads with the loader. Everything I am seeing out here like that is $2500-$3000, but don't appear to be selling very fast.
Does it have power steering? I think a few did or at least they had some retrofitted in.

If it had Power Steering, .... 3500
Does it have power steering? I think a few did or at least they had some retrofitted in.

If it had Power Steering, .... 3500

No power steering.

So it's looking like when I can get it into my bay again and service it/seal a couple leaks, I'll be listing it for $2600 and see what happens.

Around here they are $1500-2500. Old tractors are cheap right now. I’m seeing Allis Chalmers WD’s and WD45’s listed for $800-1500. Farmall M’s under $1500. The tractors from that era follow scrap prices.
Down here, all the old fuckers from fort Leavenworth are retiring and setting up little play farms. They are buying all the old tractors up for stupid prices. Take some old POS, pressure wash it and slap a coat of paint on it. Bam! 5K tractor LOL......
I'd say that's 2-3K..... 1.5-2k without the bucket.

the 12v conversion isn't much, but if it runs/operates with minimal leaks, that's a huge bonus.
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