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May 19, 2020
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Da yoop
Just bought this jaw crusher for $50. No idea why. Guesses on weight?



Thanks for using such an awesome scaling object like a toddler to give us an idea of how big it is. It's 2020 is photography a new technology or what? 2 photos of basically the same thing, a profile, and no photos of the interior with any idea of how heavy the bits are.

I say 1,800 lbs.
Is this a guess the amount of jellybeans in the jar kinda thread? What do I win if I'm closest? Is it closest without going over, or just closest???
4350 lbs
Sell it to ThePanzerFuher guy for yard art. He may even put it to work crushing for his gold mine gig. :laughing:
Just bought this jaw crusher for $50. No idea why. Guesses on weight?

Bring that down on your next shopping trip and I’ll give you $500 for it. I need something like that for my sign by the road!!!
How cheap?

He said make an offer. If you are interested give me a price to pass along . A local contractor bought a huge old mining building FULL of stuff from a hoarder that scrapped out a great deal of mining and railroad stuff up here in the 60-70's. He's been selling stuff off for 3 weeks now but there is still a ton of stuff inside and out.



A coat of paint on the press and it will be good for another 100 years

Downloaded the pics

Converted to pdfs

Imported the pdfs into AutoCAD

Spent some time

Got the volume of all that

Then factored in the weight of iron

ta da
Got it home, seemed like about 6000 lbs, maybe a little more. I still have no idea why I bought it. It's going to be yard art till I can get it running. Any clues on how much power and what rpm it's going to need? This is a bit out of my area of expertise.





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