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How can I check on an amended Tax return?


Formerly known as Kyle_T
May 24, 2020
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Fort Worth TEXAS USA
I had to amend my 2017 return and sent it in back in April. The online irs tool doesn’t say it was received but also says not to call. I’m past the 16 week period. Has anyone had any recent experience with this?
Well they owe me money so I doubt they have motivation 😂😂😂

Still waiting for my amended 2019 return. I filed on March 9th....

been told that there are milions of others waiting as well and covid has not helped one bit
Fucking GF hadn't filed taxes for the past three years. I fucking nailed that shit and still haven't heard a peep from the man. I really think the IRS is so backed up; they are just fucking "ground decking " everything that floats. in. YMMV. :smokin:
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