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May 19, 2020
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Galveston, TX
I grenaded the Allison extension housing in my 2004 2500HD. After a post in the Chevy Forum, I’m thinking about having a shop do the work.

Does anybody know of a reputable shop that they recommend?


Damn, that sucks. Rttoys might have a better line on someone. I only know if Diesel Innovations and don't know if they are any good. Circle D Trans has a good reputation, but primarily for gassers and race cars. I'll try to think and ask around in case I am missing something.
Damn. I’m assuming the tcase locked or something? That is one heavy ass transmission. A cheap trans jack will buckle. I’m at 270k on mine, I hope it keeps truck’n along, but if it goes, I’ll probably rebuild it myself.

As far as a trans shop, like leadfoot said, that Circle D is pretty reputable. I use
Carter’s transmission
11708 N Houston Rosslyn Rd,
Houston, TX 77086
Mike Carter is the owner.

Family owned and I have never been done wrong with them. He likes to upgrade parts that are common failure points, which is a good thing. My trucks (gassers with 6L90’s) are like his test miles because of how hard we run them. it’s a good bit away from Galveston though. I can ask my buddy that works on big trucks down in La Porte if he has anyone that’s closer to you.
Rttoys; ask my buddy that works on big trucks down in La Porte if he has anyone that’s closer to you. [/QUOTE said:
Please do.

Thanks for all the replies.

I rebuilt the transfer case. I also put new spicer ujoints in both shafts. I put everything back together and things were fine for a few thousand miles.

One of the ujoints in the rear shaft let go and caused that carnage. In addition to the extension housing the ears on the aluminum rear shaft were fawked too.

Ive been talking to a shop in League City about an R&R on the trans. I think I’ll have it towed and see if we can work some kind of deal.

Ive got all the parts, including filter and fluids. I can’t imagine it taking more than 6 hours to yank this thing and reinstall it with a lift.

is this a realistic expectation?
Circle D works on all types of transmissions but they are at 290 and the beltway.
Do NOT get it repaired without a transfer case brace. The more you look up information on the issue, the more common it becomes. My friend's truck cracked the housing enough to pour all the fluid out. New housing plus the goofing around to repair it cost him $1000 and he did the work.

This is a PPE brace on my 2005 and it's just over $100. Peace of mind, my internet friends. Click image for larger version Name:	received_657441571864791.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	217.0 KB ID:	252481
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I’ve read about the braces and certainly see their value. In my case and in this particular disaster, I think I was better off without one. The sacrificial lamb was the extension housing when the ujoint liberated itself. Had that not been the case, I think there would’ve been damage to the transfer case and/or transmission.
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