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House AC question.

May 20, 2020
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Sunny Sequim, WA
Is it unreasonable to expect it to maintain 70 degrees?

We moved to Virginia late last year. Other than a year in the middle east it's the first place I've lived where it gets hot, so I really don't know what to expect out of the AC.

We have it set to a constant 70, no day and night fluctuations, and It hasn't been keeping up; it's been about 90 outside the past few days and the house been creeping up to about 78 by about dinner time.

Just want to make sure I'm not expecting too much out of it before I call the landlord (not really landlord, privatized military housing) about it. I'd rather not have the house in the 90s when the temp gets up to the triple digits.
What temp is the air coming out of the vents? It should be 20-25 cooler than the return air. Example 78 return 53-58 supply. If is less than that the unit is undersized, if it's more you could be short on air flow, freezing the coil.
Lots of factors too. Is the ductwork insulsted? Is it in the attic or under the floor. If in the attic, is there insulation?
this big ol house has 3 units.. the upstairs, the downstairs, and a 3rd for the full suite my mom added on..

the upstairs one which includes my master bedroom, usually stays on 82 when I am up there, and 84 when I am not.. the downstairs one pretty much stays in the lower 80s too.. this one for my mom's add on master is broken.. its been staying in the lower 70s all day.. I took a couple of naps in there today..

at the ranch, in the larger ranch house,..

the main bedroom/bunk room (which has like 12 beds, and a large TV area) has one window unit which is on all the time, in the summer.. sometimes it gets kinda cold in there (upper 60s?).. especially at night.. the other main room where another TV and the kitchen, etc. (edit:with 4 large tables end to end as a eating area) does not have an AC of any sort.. not really tolerable in July and Aug, when it hits around 115 in the day time.. I just got back, and prolly won't go back again until September..
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