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Jun 14, 2020
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Southern UT
I've been looking for off the shelf solutions to mount my hoses (fuel, oil, atf, etc.) to the chassis and haven't found anything I like. I'd like to stay away from zip ties and p-clips and have a sexy little clamp that can run multiple hoses through it.


Kind of like these, but the most I can find is meant for two hoses (I have 2-4 hoses running side by side in most spots) plus I'd either have to drill/tap the chassis in each spot or weld a nut/bung or something else. What I'm really looking for is something I can weld straight to the chassis, and has a top plate to bolt down and that I can get in 1-4 slot holders. Something like this:


Any ideas or alternatives out there? So far it's looking like I'll just have to machine my own, which isn't a big deal but rather just buy something if there's the option. Midnight 4x4 sells these zip tie cradles, which solves the complexity of attaching the mount to the chassis by just welding it but then you're still stuck with zip ties and having 4 of these things side by side might look pretty jank.


Thoughts, opinions, ideas, solutions? Maybe having a welded block to the chassis with a retaining plate is too sexy, but I want something simple and aesthetically pleasing.
I've spent the last month or so struggling with the same topic. Your picture more-or-less sums up everything I have found so far.

I used these for hydro steering lines. One was welded directly to the frame and another was customized to clamp to the track bar:


I used Notchhead clamps for the brake hard lines. Clean and solid:


Also used these separators on transmission cooler lines:


Still looking for something for the fuel lines and wiring. I modeled some in CAD but paying a real machinist to make them is a tough cost to justify. I will probably end up using the billet clamps like in the upper right side of your picture for the fuel lines.
Stauff has some good stuff. We use their clamps in uranium enrichment plants.
I used Stauff on all the hydraulic lines and some of the electrical lines on my last buggy. They have just about every size and a number of different styles.
I double stacked the single line two bolt style in a number of locations by using longer bolts.


i just picked up the cheap one from amazon. ill chime in on this thread if they are worth the 20bucks or crap.
I have not used them. I have seen them in cars that route the brake lines down the firewall. I cant seem to recall which cars though.
the black ones i picked up from amazon are exactly what i imagined them to be. an easy simple solution that is slightly better than zip ties. for 20$ id buy them again.
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