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Holley Terminator X temp sensor wiring


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May 26, 2020
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I wanted to add a little tech since I see more and more of the Terminator X systems on buggies.

After 18 months with mine, I still love it and think it's much better than the HPtuners options out there, if you like to tinker with electronics.

As you may know, the ECU doesn't have provision for a temperature sensor input.

The 4 available inputs only take 12v, Ground, 5v, and Frequency. Well, it turns out you can add a pull-up resistor and turn a resistance based sensor into a 5v ref one and feed the data in the ECU and be able to monitor different temperatures in your dash and datalog them (<--- this is huuuuge !).

This video shows how :

I am adding a trans temp sensor in my cast trans pan and I will use the following sensor that you can find at any parts store for cheap :


I feel like trans temp monitoring is a good addition to the terminator X system or any system really, and this method lets you do it without buying the expensive dash with a resistance sensor input.

Hope this helps.
Great timing. My '88 V30 is getting the Terminator X Max and Hyperspark system currently (along with an entire painless rewire). I was going to figure out a trans temp on the Dakota Digital interface with the BIM setup, but this may be another good option.

Thanks for the tech

If you keep it on the Holley ecu, you can datalog it. Much better solution IMO if you can afford to dedicate the input.

Also worth mentioning that the Dakota Digital BIM may or may not recognize the variety of data that is available on the Holley Canbus.

From their manual :
Data that should always be available: RPM, engine temp, intake/manifoldtemp, MAP/boost, A/F ratio
Data that is kit and add-ondependent: vehicle speed, oil pressure,fuel pressure

You probably can't monitor custom I/Os on this bus convertor.
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Good info, I may have misspoken (mistyped?), the DD had additional inputs that bypass the BIM, and I believe additional temps was one of them. Not 100%, still reading and educating myself. I will pull the trigger on the DD setup once I have the rest of my mess sorted. The old girl is a bit of a spaghetti factory...
So you did all of that just for data logging correct? I'm wanting to run this same setup and don't need data logging so you can hook up a sensor direct to gauge/harness as well to read current temp and such? I just want coolant and trans temp but don't need anything data logged.
If you want to wire a temp sensor directly to an external gauge like an autometer, you don't need to do this, just wire the thing on its own, outside of the TerminatorX harness.
A little off topic, but I believe the only Terminator X themed thread...

I am mounting my ECU and noticed there is no isolation or vibration dampening for the case. Throw some rubber washers under the box, or am I over thinking. Also, how visible should I leave the 8 indicator lights on the box? Just finished a bracket to mount under the dash and will not be completely visible once the dash pad is replaced.

I did put some rubber washers under mine.

The LED lights are useless, I can’t even see them on my setup and would never look at them anyway.

If you have any issues, use the datalogger to see what your sensors are telling you.
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