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HF jack stands

The email I got from them today stated you could get your money back on any model of their jack stands if you had any concerns whatsoever.
I ended up just getting store credit because the new ones looked exactly the same just a different color.
I mean, they give some kindergartner a broken piece of tinted car window on a stick to look thru and he's gotta weld 250 sets before they let him go to school every morning and they still look better than half the welds in the build section.
My HF stands are way better than the goodyear ones I got from sams club. I need more, where is the best non HF place to buy some?
I Emailed them asking about my jack stands, since mine are all old--the main takeaway for me is that all recalled stands are grey. (mine are orange...orange is stronger?)
Mind copy pasting that? I have a collection of stands
To the Harbor Freight Community:

I'm writing to apologize. I often reach out to tell you about Harbor Freight's commitment to quality and all the investments we've made to deliver quality tools at the lowest prices. Your trust matters deeply to me and I'm proud of how far we've come. So when we have a product recall, it hurts.

A few months ago, we recalled our Pittsburgh 3 ton and 6 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 61196 and 61197) due to a manufacturer's defect. We asked customers to return them and receive a gift card that could be used to purchase replacement jack stands. I felt terrible about that recall because you should never have a concern about the safety of any of our products.

Today, I feel even worse. I'm disappointed and embarrassed because we've identified a welding defect in a small number of the Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKU 56373) that replaced the recalled jack stands. We're now adding these jack stands to our recall. Unfortunately, this defect wasn't discovered during the initial recall investigation. If you own these jack stands or any of the jack stands in our original recall, whether or not you have had an issue with them, please stop using them immediately and bring them back to your local Harbor Freight Store for a full cash refund or store credit (see details here).

We have investigated all of our other Pittsburgh 3 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56371, 56372 and 57308) as well as the Pittsburgh 6 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56368, 56369 and 56370) and Pittsburgh 12 ton steel jack stands (SKUs 56374 and 56375) and did not find the defect. Although none of these other jack stands are being recalled, if you own any of them and have any concern whatsoever, please bring them back and we'll give you a full cash refund or store credit for those as well.

I want to apologize to all of our customers. While we've dramatically grown our team of engineers and inspectors, and intensified our tests and inspections, I assure you that the lessons learned from this will drive further improvement.

As the owner and founder of Harbor Freight, I want you to know that we stand behind every product we sell and that safety will always be our top priority.


Eric Smidt
Owner and Founder
Harbor Freight Tools
I definitely will take some of my jack stands in, even if they're not part of the recall. Many of their's dowel pins or whatever are sheared anyhow.
If they're dealing with multiple manufacturers it's pretty smart to have a separate part number for each one.

In case one hires substandard 7 year old welders like the suppliers who built the recalled stands.

I guess when you sell them for $14.99 a pair you have to have 20 vendors to make it happen, rather than 1 or 2 suppliers at $20.00 a pair.
Buy the harbor freight ones. Bolt plate on the seam side of the stands. Since they can't make them right.
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No problems with any of my 6 HF jack stands. I noticed immediately its not as sharp of an engagement as is ideal, but I always place the vehicle up on stands and then shake the shit out of it to verify its safe anyways.
If you have room; toss the spare tire under the rig. You will have some company when your crushed like a bug. :smokin:
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