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Help identify this 22 casing


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May 19, 2020
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Looking for approximate age. Guessing Winchester, but all my googling has not helped. Possibly nickle? I will grab the calipers and get some measurements but it's pretty well beat.

winchester starter gun blank?
they have made of aluminum.
thats all i got

Quite possible. It was in a rooftop garden at a school site that was near where there used to be an athletic field. It is not magnetic. Not sure if nickle is magnetic or not, more googling. It is fairly shiny, all aluminum cased stuff I've seen is dull.

edit, not sure how long they have been using powder actuated devices, but that is also a possibility. Building was built late 60s early 70s I believe.
Winchester nickleplated brass. I cant remember which model it is but ive had a couple boxes over the years. I think it was a Super X gift box.
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