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Great movies that don't get enough attention

Has anyone mentioned Repost Man yet? :flipoff2:

the music is great. look for all the generic food items and little trees in every vehicle.

Another good one is Badlands with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spaceck. my favorite part is the correct pronuciation of Willys.

Flashpoint, Kris Kristofferson. Border patrol, buried jeep in desert movie.
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Knockin' a couple weeks' dust off this unit . . . <cough> (not 'rona :rolleyes: )

A coworker's raving because he just saw Baseketball for the first time :laughing:

Not life-altering but, if you dig stupid hilarity, Baseketball delivers :grinpimp:

Completely different subject, Kingpin is a good movie to watch hammered

Also, friendly reminder: TheRedCottonPony is a HGTD-ing bitch :flipoff2:
Didn't read through the thread yet, but some movies that may fit into this category are Falling Down, A Perfect World, Radio Flyer, The Machinist, and The Giver.
Donnie Darko

I'm not going to lie, I know Terminator (the original that started it all), is revered as a great action film. But I feel like the sheer awesomeness of the story/sci-fi aspects are often overlooked.
Sorcerer. There are quite a few older (70's 80's) movies that I look forward to watching again but when I do I am disappointed as they just aren't as good as I remember them. This is NOT one of them.

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