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Grease Gun must have......


May 19, 2020
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Somewhere in Texas
Picked this up at Summit Racing yesterday while I was browsing the store waiting for my order to be pulled. It has a neat little catch tray at the bottom and a hook to hang the tube so it drips into the tray. I think its pretty slick... :smokin:

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Lock & lube is a great grease gun accessory as well IMO. Heck I just have an old baking sheet under my grease guns.
Mine hang on sheetrock screws shot into the barn wall. The framing underneath them is pretty rot resistant now :grinpimp:
There are grease guns other than an m18??? :stirthepot:

Why yes there is. Usually found at the antique store with other vintage tools. You might not know what they look like though and have to post a thread on here asking "what is this tool I found at the local antique store".
if you have $15 burning a hole in your pocket spending it on a Harbor Freight lock-n-lube knockoff will make your life far better than spending it on a fancy shelf.
I already have the lock n lube ends both on my personal grease guns and on the ones at work, those are old news.

This gun is for greasing the bushings and bearings on my SxS and trailer. No need for an M18 power greaser to do either. That one is reserved for work.

I bought this for my race car trailer. I want the gun in an easily accessable spot and I don't want it driping grease all over my new trailer in the Texas heat so $15 was an easy spend. Plus I'm not a cheap ass.......

Mine started leaking pretty quickly. Only been on an m18. Need to look at what a rebuild looks like
I have found that if you stall a m18 in 1st with a lock and lube it will cut the seal in the lock and lube when you go to remove it from the fitting. I've went on Amazon and bought 4 seal kits at a time to keep on hand.
Mine started leaking pretty quickly. Only been on an m18. Need to look at what a rebuild looks like

Make sure it’s screwed in tight. Pull the end back take a pliers and give it a good tighten. Pretty easy to rebuild. They come with the parts to rebuild it once if you bought a legit lock n lube.
6” section of 3”(?) pvc bolted to a shelving rack. Even fits the m18, just jam the tube end in and she stays put:flipoff2: It doesn’t have a drip tray though. I’ve never had a problem with grease separating, so that wasn’t a big concern of mine.

What grease do you use? I have a very large stain on the floor from Lucas Red n Tacky
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