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got my heep back . .....well mostly


land of milk and honey
May 19, 2020
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land of milk and honey
it has been 3 years since i had to park my heep.
due to my health issues.
well now that i am all fixed up, need to get it back to my new place. parked it up in fairhaven ny. behind Tara's mother's house. it is right next to lake Ontario. the weather pounds the area in the winter.
covered up the heep and threw moth ball under and around it and left it.
well sunday i went up to check it over. looked at all the fluids, wiring and made sure no critters were in it.
wiped mold off the leather steering wheel.
my jump box did not have the power to get it running, but did make the motor turn......yahoo not locked up.
pulled the battery and brought it home to charge it up....held a charge, but when i tested it it only had 60 amps, not the 600 it was supposed to have.
got a new battery and brought it up.
hooked it up and varoom, it shot to life.
let it idle for a bit, burned off some stuff onthe manifold, and drove it out of the ground it was sinking into.
the steering is tight, but it moves.
drove it up and down the road to give it a test ride, shifts great.
just one small problem.......there is no stopping it. brakes are frozen....disks were one million and 68 degrees.
decided to leave it there till Saturday, and replace all the calibers, before i drive it back to house.....
this falll will be towing it to Rausch creek.

bought the flat fenders from endlessmountainfab, when he we both lived in the poconos.
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Cool. Good to hear it will be alive again. When I got the bronco running the other day, my neighbor came out of his backyard with grilling tools in his hand and gave me a thumbs up. Partially because he thinks it's cool partially because he is retired and bored out of his mind with the SIP order still in effect.
when it started, tara saw all the smoke coming out from under the hood and yelled it is on fire.....
i just told her don't worry it will burn off
Congratulations to Tara's mom for her property value going up. And my condolences to your neighbors for what is going to be in their neighborhood.:flipoff2:

If all you have are frozen calipers from sitting that long you're lucky. Congratulations on getting it on the road again.
That is good stuff. It's always good to get back to something you missed.
Awesome! Sounds like your resurrection is easier than mine, mine had a frozen clutch, busted diffs, blown hub, and no where near as many years of abandonment as yours!
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