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"good" price per round for common cartridges.


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May 20, 2020
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Sac, Ca
I just don't buy enough to know what a "good" price is. I know everything's higher right now, but whats a decent normal price for .308, .223, 9mm, etc....?
Wikiarms and Ammoseek, won't show you everything, but will show you a lot.

Just got an email from SGAmmo that they've got bulk stuff in stock, but all of their .223 is around $0.40/round or more, which is high compared to the last time I bought it.

I bought 1000 round bulk bag of loose, 115 grain, FMJ, CCI, 9mm in March for ~$0.22/round shipped, from Natchez. It's $0.25/round before shipping now, not a huge increase per round, but by the time you add shipping, you'll be paying $50+ more now, than 3 months ago.
.20 for 9mm, .30 for .223 is good, during times of panic I have seen .223 going for $1 a round
ammoseek is great, gunbot.net isn't bad.

I watch it almost everyday to see what I should be paying. Ordering online is not a big deal just watch shipping, some places will ship free but there is still a handling charge because of contents.

223 is nuts right now. I saw it as high as 30 cents a round for steel case. You should normally get it for under 18.

9mm is running around 20 cents. If you watch you can get brass ammo down to 13 cents, but not right now. Wait a couple weeks, check everyday. When you see a deal jump on it. Don't wait even a second.
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