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going to do any options beside pay pal?

Short answer .... not immediately.

Long ... I was pretty upset that VB doesn't allow recurring payments through other gateways. Kinda baffles me. I have a Auth.net account I use for my other business thats set up and ready to go so I'll be working on this mod but not sure when I'll get it done. I despise PayPal as well because of their eBay 'hold your money for 20 days' BS.
You can add plugins for payments from other sources. Easiest would be Google Wallet since it's free if you already have a Gmail account. I can't recall offhand if you can get it to set member status automatically, but I know it can be done.

What is the website hosted through? Some hosts have their own donation setups through the site portals. I know the last PHPBB forum I setup was through Nuclear Fallout and they had a direct donation option through theirs.
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