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GM Puck system gooseneck hitch


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Jun 1, 2020
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I bought a new GMC 3500 that has the gooseneck puck system installed and came with the GMC branded-Curt ball. It fits really loose, and when I hooked a gooseneck to it I swear I can feel and hear it clunking back there. I didnt measure it, but I bet the ball moves ~1/4" at the top of the ball.
Any feedback on other brands of drop in balls that fit the puck system? I like the look of the B&W, but dont want to drop $300 on something that might not be any better.
Shims, or braze a few bronze beads on the ball that are then filed to fit nice and snug.
All 3 of mine have cluncked like they are loose, all new trucks. Seems to be an issue people complain about on the FB groups, they say the B&W fits better and isn't as bad. Other than the noise I've never had an issue with it, I don't even pay attention to it anymore.
I stopped at the dealer yesterday and had the service advisor look at it, he said normal, lots of people are complaining and GM says its fine.
Drives me nuts, pulling a 20k trailer around I dont want to hear the fucking hitch bashing around.
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