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Glock aficionados- "nicer" G19 build


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May 28, 2020
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On the old OSR I did a 80% G19 build. It turned out surprisingly nice for the money. I'm doing another on a OEM frame/custom slide and I haven't been in the loop for a while. I want this to be top notch and maybe a little showy, I give zero fucks about labels, so unless the juice is worth the squeeze I don't need Agency or Zev all over it.

I have the bare slide and frame, need everything else.

Parts recommendations? Barrel and trigger are where it's at. Nice ones? Kinda want to try a nice flat faced trigger.

Threaded barrel, may do a comp.

sexy slide completion parts?

I need to sign back on the FB stipple page, some crazy talented artists on there.

Slide is milled for a dot. Think I heard a couple are low enough to work with standard sights? Need to do some research. I do have a 9mm can, but I rarely stick it on a handgun. Would be cool if the dot cleared the can and was still low enough to use standard height sights. Probably a pipe dream.

Most of my p80’s have ziffari slides and barrels. I kinda like the norsso slides but only have one on the 19 I had a big budget to do.

where you finding the lower and slide parts kits?
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