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Genie TMZ34/19 tires


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May 20, 2020
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Need tires for a Genie TMZ 34/19 lift. Calls for 195/75D14 which are all bias ply. ST205/75r14 barely fit on one side but rub the fender bolts on the other. No adjustment in the axle. It’s old and has various other issues. I’m just trying to help a friend get it mobile.

I figure I’ve got 3 options:
1. run the bias ply
2. run the st205/75r15 with some sort of spacer. Will need 3/8 thick at least
3. Run passenger tires.

Noticed it’s a towable and has outriggers use what ever the hell you want. That is unless it’s for a business with employees then use what the manufacturer recommends.
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