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Gas Vent routing


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May 20, 2020
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Black Hills, SoDak
Working on a cabin roof and wanting to re-route the gas vent. As it is routed now it comes up through the ceiling then jogs over to the east (right away the ceiling access door) and then exists through the east roof. So the question is there are reason for having it jog vs going straight through the roof. If piped straight it would be within 2' feet of where it currently is just in the west side of the roof. It is a vent for a furnace and hot water heater. I can't find a code requirement for this and not sure why it was done this way. And you smack your head on it every time you climb into the attic space.


And if I sorta straighten the picture, cuts off the top
I would think the straightest run would be best.

it was probably done like this to use as short a stack and possible and still keep the required distance from the roof for airflow.
I see no reason for it to run that way, unless it was an existing hole in the roof that the ran over too.

Also I have employees that would do it that way for the sole reason of it taking longer, costing more and not working as well. I think that is their goal most days.
New roof so I can make holes where I want them. Alot of stuff isn't making sense on this place so hard to even second guess the why's.

Screenshot_20201029-155335_Chrome.jpg https://inspectapedia.com/plumbing/Gas-Water-Heater-Venting-Codes.php
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