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May 19, 2020
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I have an attached 2 car garage. The garage is insulated only on the wall that it shares with the house. It can get pretty fawking hot during summer days. Would adding a passive vent on the side wall near the attic peak help with temps, or is it a waste of time?
Short answer
airflow in AND out
Solar orientation and prevailing wind will make a difference also
Look up "gable vent" guy's

rooftop vents also will work.
I have the same garage setup. I have a mud room between the house and the garage which lets me have gable vents on both ends of the garage attic and vent fan in the vent on the far side. It works ok, I have it set with a thermostat switch that turns it on at the set temperature. it seems to help some but the bearings in mine burned up last summer after 25yrs so I guess we will see how the temps are this year and if I decide to replace it.
Same setup here. Garage was built with a passive vent at the peak of the gable end wall, wood louver style instead of siding up there.

I don't think my garage gets much hotter than ambient temp, but it definitely gets stuffy. Fans, and a big window AC unit, both help depending on the circumstance.
Gable vent helped mine immensely. As did the ridge vent when I we reroofed after hail. The gable vent goes on less now.
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