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GA/NC/TN mountains


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May 19, 2020
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Anybody live down there? how`s the job market for a mechanic? my bff is constantly on me to move down permanently and being laid off for the next couple months I figure i`d give it a shot, if anybody has a cabin or a shack in the woods i`m interested.
Beautiful area but the job market is generally shit. Can't comment on mechanic jobs specifically though. Don't let anyone lie to you, it still gets hot as fuck with 100% humidity in the summer.
My sister in law lives in Asheville and works for the state HR department. Her wife is a professor at UNC. They have connections if you are looking for work.

By the by I-40 through that area is one of my favorite drives in the world.
We have the same mountains here in Virginia. The job market here is not bad for mechanics, the dealership group I work for is usually looking for a couple for one dealership or another. The pay isn't great but the cost of living isn't very high either.
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