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Fuck Cancer


Rock God
May 19, 2020
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East bay/ North bay
Found out yesterday my dad(73yr old Vietnam Vet) has lymphoma in his intestine. He goes in for surgery Friday. He's been healthy as can be up until this. Fuck cancer, especially during corona when I can't even go with him into the hospital.
Keep your head up. Lymphoma treatment has come leaps and bounds. A good family friend who is in his mid-60s was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma years ago and he's been cancer free and doing well for quite some time now.
Sorry you and your family have to deal with this, especially with the corona crap on top.

My dad was diagnosed with a rare bile duct cancer mid 2017 and was told he had 3 months by the local docs. We convinced him to go to the Mayo clinic for a second opinion. They did a new experimental treatment with stents in the bile duct that allowed him to stay with us through January this year. His quality of life was actually pretty good until the last two months or so. I think the timing was actually good in a way, the lockdown started a few weeks after the funeral. FUCK CANCER

If your local docs aren't giving you the answers you want definitely check out Mayo or one of the other leading cancer facilities in the country.

Fuck Cancer right along with the rest of this fucked up mess we've got going on. My uncle just finished radiation for the second time.

Hope for the best for you and your family.
Fuck cancer!

Good thoughts to your pops for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

My wife just finished Chemo and Radiation treatments for breast cancer about a month ago....prognosis looks great for her as she caught it early on.
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