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From PBB - Missing persons help request - CA - Ojai / Wheeler Springs

From that post
Hey all,
I haven't posted in a few years, my jeep has been in storage in upstate NY while my family and I moved to Europe for an expat assignment. Looking forward to getting stateside in a year or so and starting our next adventure.

Posting to ask for help - my sister Cara lives in LA and suffers depression (possibly suicidal), she went missing yesterday morning (Sunday, 24 May) with her dog Pontcha (pit bull mix). Her last cell phone ping was around 11am outside Ojai, a missing persons has been filed with CA HP and we notified the ranger's station. She is driving a 2015 Subaru Forester, silver color, will update with plate # if I can get it.

Her fiance, Tom, lives with her in LA and reported her missing yesterday, she left a weird note and her engagement ring, didn't take anything but her phone and credit card. She's never done anything like this before and has no history of substance abuse or drug use. She is otherwise healthy and athletic, does a lot of climbing, surfing and hiking in the mountains and is a skilled outdoorswoman. Doesn't own a gun and extremely unlikely to have one with her.

If anyone is out this weekend in Ojai / Los Padres NF please keep an eye out, I will be checking on here and please forward also, my email is crudio at gmail dot com

Please repost on local boards, I will post any updates here.

Thanks all and especially our veterans on Memorial Day.

Chris Rudio
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